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Treatment Options

Our Care Heals

MiraVista offers a wide range of services for mental health and substance use recovery treatment. Our staff consists of an engaged team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners, nurses, recovery specialists and mental health counselors who are highly trained and proficient in their specialty.

Our patient centered care is tailored to fit the needs of each individual. We strive to offer a culturally sensitive and diverse treatment culture that supports everyone seeking our care.

MiraVista accepts both commercial insurance and MassHealth coverage.

Individuals in need of services will not be denied due to an inability to pay. Discounts and sliding fee scales are available based on family size and income. Our admissions team is available to answer questions about insurance coverage.

Please visit our Patients & Family tab for more information on our billing policies for out-of-network services.


Substance Use Recovery Care

MiraVista’s recovery services are designed to help individuals initiate and receive treatment at any stage of their recovery. Our caregivers are addiction experts with specialized training in both the medical and therapeutic fields of substance use recovery and treatment.

Our recovery programs are open, and we welcome the opportunity to support a pathway to sustained recovery for you or for someone who is important to you.

Opioid Treatment Program

A medication supported outpatient program that incorporates medication (e.g. methadone) and clinical treatment in a structured setting to promote recovery for individuals with opioid addiction to heroin or prescription medication.

Outpatient Recovery Services

Services to address substance misuse in its early stages, prevent a problem from worsening or to support relapse prevention after an inpatient stay. We offer outpatient counseling, day treatment program, medication supported treatment, Massachusetts Impaired Driver and Multiple Offender programs.

To learn more about our services, call us or reach out via the website form.


Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Our psychiatric care services are for adults and adolescents who are in a mental health or emotional crisis and experiencing acute symptoms. Services are provided in our newly renovated units from a multidisciplinary team of psychiatric care experts. We offer adolescent inpatient care for ages 13 - 17 years old and adult inpatient care to treat patients 18 years old. Adolescents and adults are cared for independently in two distinct programs.

To make a referral or inquire about receiving inpatient psychiatric services, call us or contact us via our website form.

Ready to Connect? Our Admissions team is available to answer questions for you or for someone you care about.


Our Team Cares

We’ve put together a group of dedicated, diverse, professionals that want to learn more about you and assist you in your recovery. We believe each individual seeking care has their own unique story and it is our role to understand.

Happy Staff

What Staff And Clients Say

My niece was cared for at Miravista. She says that the staff were outstanding and listened to her. In particular, one of her counselors was a life force in creating engagement opportunities for her and all patients. She will return to MiraVista if she ever needs help again.

Family Member, Adult Psychiatry

I have been to many therapists and attended many groups but the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) program is by far the most helpful and relatable. The entire team makes you feel SO SAFE that it is hard not to engage and open up about very difficult problems and hurdles you have to get through. The team provides clear direction to help me develop my path to improvement.

Patient, Outpatient Recovery Services

Thank you for saving my life. This program has helped me more than any other program. Counselors are extremely helpful and caring.

Patient, Opioid Treatment Program

Orientation, on-the-job training and education is the best I have experienced in my career.  From the moment I started, I felt supported and part of the team.

Melody, MiraVista Nurse

I may first see our patients at their worst when they come through our doors, but then I see change and hope. It is about what that patient feels, what they are going through, what I can do to help with their recovery.

Alonzo Dukes, Mental Health Technician

We’re Here To Care

Often the most difficult step for someone is to ask for help. Our admission coordinators are available 24/7 to listen and to help. We can answer questions about your needs or for someone who is important to you.