Acute Treatment and Clinical Stabilization Services

In the important early days of recovery, MiraVista's inpatient services for substance use disorders:

  • manage withdrawal from alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines (such as valium and xanax)
  • stabilize symptoms of withdrawal and cravings
  • initiate a therapeutic treatment plan
  • develop comprehensive aftercare plan
  • educate patients about the disease of addiction and relapse prevention

Our program includes Acute Treatment Services (ATS), also known as detox, and Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) for short-term rehabilitation care. Individuals may be admitted to ATS or CSS directly from the community or transition from one of our other programs.

Acute Treatment Services

Acute Treatment Services (ATS)

Acute Treatment Services provides detoxification from alcohol and drugs. It is an essential first step in recovery from a severe addiction and is indicated when a physical and psychological dependence has been developed through prolonged and frequent substance use.  Patients receive medically monitored withdrawal treatment from a team of physicians, nurses, case managers and recovery specialists trained in addiction treatment. We use a variety of medications to safely manage and ease withdrawal symptoms.

Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS)

Clinical Stabilization Services provide structured treatment to support a patient’s recovery after a detoxification stay. The program expands on the gains made in ATS and provides more intense education, family and community integration and planning strategies for relapse prevention.

Clinical Stabilization Services

What to expect:

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    Medical addiction assessments, medication management, harm reduction planning

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    Withdrawal management under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses trained in addiction care

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    An average lenght of stay between 4 to 6 days in ATS and 10 to 14 days in CSS

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    Initiation of a treatment plan to address symptoms and relapse prevention

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    Multidisciplinary treatment model that is patient centered and focuses on individual needs of each patient

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    Individualized discharge planning and referral to residential and community programs for successful transition to home, work and family

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    Engaged, highly trained and educated staff including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, master's level clinicians, case managers, recovery specialists, physicians and physician assistants

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Staff and Clients Say

My niece was cared for at Miravista. She says that the staff were outstanding and listened to her. In particular, one of her counselors was a life force in creating engagement opportunities for her and all patients. She will return to MiraVista if she ever needs help again.

Family Member, Adult Psychiatry

I have been to many therapists and attended many groups but the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) program is by far the most helpful and relatable. The entire team makes you feel SO SAFE that it is hard not to engage and open up about very difficult problems and hurdles you have to get through. The team provides clear direction to help me develop my path to improvement.

Patient, Outpatient Recovery Services

Thank you for saving my life. This program has helped me more than any other program. Counselors are extremely helpful and caring.

Patient, Opioid Treatment Program

Orientation, on-the-job training and education is the best I have experienced in my career.  From the moment I started, I felt supported and part of the team.

Melody, MiraVista Nurse

In MiraVista's recovery program I got a lot more information that I could concretely put into practice. It was very helpful that many of the program's staff are in recovery and can relate in a way that people who don't deal with addiction or haven't dealt with it, can't.

Kristen, Inpatient Substance Use Recovery

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Often the most difficult step for someone is to ask for help. Our admission coordinators are available 24/7 to listen and to help. We can answer questions about your needs or for someone who is important to you.