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Mental Health Support During School Vacation is Critical

Breaks during the school year are meant to benefit students’ mental and physical health, providing time to rest and relax and, with April Vacation set to begin the week of the 14th, opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun as New England welcomes warmer stretches of weather.

However, less structured days and less contact with school supports can make some students feel isolated and disconnected. Parents and other caregivers are encouraged to plan ahead, possibly incorporating some new experiences into the break, and talking about other possibilities for socialization and boredom prevention.

It can be a good time, too, to ask a child about any prolonged changes in mood or behavior and consider a call to their pediatrician.

“Breaks in routine can be challenging for students who find emotional support in their day-to-day interactions,” said Khadene Harry-Stoby, Adolescent Unit Nurse Manager for MiraVista Behavioral Health Center. “It is good to be aware and ask as early intervention is the best treatment.”

She added MiraVista includes inpatient, individualized treatment from a multi-disciplinary team of providers that includes medication, counseling, emotional regulation, and self-care.

“Mental health care never goes on break,” Harry-Stoby added. “We are here 24/7 for accessible, continuous care.”

MiraVista cites several reasons why mental health support is critical during school breaks:

Routine Disruption: The break from school routines can destabilize children and adolescents who rely on structure for their mental well-being.

Increased Stress: Vacations can introduce new stressors, such as changes in routine, social dynamics, or family dynamics, which may exacerbate existing mental health concerns.

Isolation: For some children, vacation periods can be isolating, especially if they lack access to social support networks or structured activities.

Throughout the April school vacation, MiraVista remains fully operational for adolescents (13-17, 18 if still attending high school) who need inpatient behavioral health treatment. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals is committed to offering comprehensive care to support the well-being of our young patients.

Referrals to MiraVista are simple and most insurances are accepted. Please reach out to our admissions team at 413-264-0819 or and we will assist you with the referral process. We accept referrals from healthcare providers, schools, community organizations, and families.

MiraVista Behavioral Health Center offers inpatient psychiatric care to both adults and adolescents. To learn more about MiraVista, please visit


MiraVista Behavioral Health Center opened in April of 2021 in Holyoke, Mass. MiraVista offers psychiatric care services for both adults and adolescents, as well as an array of recovery treatment programs.

MiraVista cares for thousands of individuals from across New England and is a leading provider of mental health and addiction treatment services, dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, MiraVista offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatment programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Through personalized care and support, MiraVista inspires hope and healing, helping individuals reclaim their lives and embrace a brighter future.