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MiraVista Welcomes You!

We share your concern for the health and well-being of those in our care, and are committed to providing an environment where all individuals feel respected, safe, and warmly welcomed.

We are hopeful the information in this section will be helpful to you as you plan your visit.

(For the safety of our patients, please note that all visitors will be required to present identification.)

Scheduling Your Visit:

To schedule a visit, please call the unit directly:

  • Adult - 4 North                  413-264-3029
  • Adult - 4 South                  413-264-3037
  • Adolescent - 2 South        413-319-3034

Visitation Appointments:

  • Are :45 minutes long and begin every hour, throughout the day, from 9:00am to 8:00pm
  • To support a therapeutic environment, one visitor at a time, per patient, is allowed on the unit.
  • Visits may be split or shared.
  • If additional visitation slots are available, extended visit sessions may be allowed.

What Can I Expect During My Visit:

  • Visits occur on the unit and in common areas.
  • While on the unit, masks (which are provided in the lobby) must be worn.
  • Upon arrival, a locker will be provided for to store personal items during your visit. A key will be provided.
  • Items entering the unit will be inspected carefully for unsafe materials.
  • You may bring food for the patient you are visiting. Visitors may not eat with the patient. Any food that is not consumed during the visit will be disposed of. No food will be stored.
  • Please note the following items are not allowed: Plastic bags, glass, cans, unsealed containers, caffeine products and soda.

Upon Your Arrival:

  • Please enter through the front lobby.
  • In the unexpected event that our reception staff is unavailable, please call the unit to notify staff of your arrival.

4 North                            413-264-3029
4 South                            413-264-3037
Adolescent - 2 South     413-319-3034

Questions? Our admission team is available to answer questions on our programs and walk you through what to expect in the admission process. Please contact us at 413-701-2600.