The Journey of Recovery Starts Here.

The Journey Of Recovery Starts Here

Entering recovery can be scary. It acknowledges a need for help and involves a trust that you will get the help you need. A good recovery program gets you back to what you want to do with your life and with the people you love.

MiraVista Behavioral Health Center offers many roads to recovery to help you decide what works best for you. Our continuum of services include inpatient detoxification from substances such as alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines, structured stabilization to continue clinical programming before returning to the community and a choice of outpatient treatments.

Case management is one of the first steps within MiraVista’s inpatient services. Our case managers help individuals figure out what they will need beyond the hospital walls to sustain recovery. Needs may vary from admission to residential programs to finding primary health care to additional behavioral and mental health treatment.

Our medically-managed detox means safely transitioning from using illicit substances into a recovery program under the supervision of specially-trained staff administering appropriate medication to help stabilize and support withdrawal.

Stabilization – something few recovery programs offer – is a critical component after a stay in detox. It continues the important clinical work of recovery and supports an individual’s return to community with access to needed services. Some patients with opioid use diagnosis remain on the clinical stabilization unit while they begin daily medication-assisted treatment for that diagnosis.

Medication-assisted treatment for substance use is a very big part of recovery for many people and MiraVista offers such treatment in the form of suboxone, methadone, vivitrol in several different settings.

Some people, including those with an opioid use diagnosis, may qualify to enter recovery programming on an outpatient basis at MiraVista without going through inpatient treatment.

Our outpatient services are robust and include a four-week intensive program directed at people who seek structure, want to re-orient and improve coping skills and engage longer-term with clinicians. One-on-one substance use counseling is offered.

Our veteran staff understands that relapse is part of recovery and our treatment is designed with the hope that those periods of relapse get shorter and shorter and the duration between them gets longer and longer.

Our programs at MiraVista are rooted in ones long established and our patients have given testimony to their success and to the importance of having the right support in place for recovery.

You won’t be judged at MiraVista. We don’t have expectations for what you want. We understand that people need different things at different times in the course of their illness and their road to recovery.

Come tell us what you need. When you’re ready, we’re ready.

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