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Try, Try Again.

Try, Try Again

In a recent article published locally in BusinessWest, Cristina Rivera, Director of Outpatient Services and Substance Use at MiraVista, said everyone’s addiction-recovery journey is different.

“We know that recovery is ongoing, and there might be bumps in the road. In that sense, we help people wherever they’re at.”

Dr. Katie Krauskopf, MiraVista’s Director of Substance Use Disorders, agreed, citing studies suggesting that rates of relapse and loss of control in addiction recovery are similar to those in people managing diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure and that many work to sustain their recovery, and then try again.

“The notion that recovery is a straight line is not realistic; it’s really up and down. Part of the disease is that patients will relapse, and we’ll help them get their footing back,” she told BusinessWest. “People have begun to pivot to understand this condition as a long-term chronic condition that requires people’s full attention at different levels of intensity, and we try to provide that here.

“Recovery is about medication for some, but lifestyle modification, too,” she added. “When you think about diabetes, many people do well with changes in their diet and exercise, and many people do that and need something else at well. It’s all the same goal.”

Please read more here:https://businesswest.com/blog/opioid-addiction-remains-a-persistent-problem-in-massachusetts/

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