MiraVista is ready whether you are here for yourself, a family member or a member of your workforce.

We provide expert, patient-focused inpatient psychiatric care and outpatient substance use recovery treatment.

A place of growth with expanding mental health resources and a continued commitment to substance use recovery programs, all individuals will feel respected and warmly welcomed at MiraVista. 

There’s more, much more, at MiraVista. When you’re ready, we’re ready.


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Substance Use 

  • Opioid Treatment Program (FREE Transportation)

  • Free Narcan Distribution for Individuals

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Counseling

  • Recovery Support Navigation Services

  • Massachusetts Impaired Driving and Second Offenders Program

Psychiatric Treatment 

We offer treatment for Adults ages 18 and over, as well as adolescents ages 13 to 17 (18 if in High School).


We've compiled a list of mental health and substance use resources.  If you are looking for help for yourself or someone you care for, we are here to help.

Reach out to learn more.

What Staff And Clients Say

My niece was cared for at Miravista. She says that the staff were outstanding and listened to her. In particular, one of her counselors was a life force in creating engagement opportunities for her and all patients. She will return to MiraVista if she ever needs help again.

Family Member, Adult Psychiatry

I have been to many therapists and attended many groups but the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) program is by far the most helpful and relatable. The entire team makes you feel SO SAFE that it is hard not to engage and open up about very difficult problems and hurdles you have to get through. The team provides clear direction to help me develop my path to improvement.

Patient, Outpatient Recovery Services

Thank you for saving my life. This program has helped me more than any other program. Counselors are extremely helpful and caring.

Patient, Opioid Treatment Program

Orientation, on-the-job training and education is the best I have experienced in my career.  From the moment I started, I felt supported and part of the team.

Melody, MiraVista Nurse

I may first see our patients at their worst when they come through our doors, but then I see change and hope. It is about what that patient feels, what they are going through, what I can do to help with their recovery.

Alonzo Dukes, Mental Health Technician